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Welcome to BSG Hospitality Consulting - your one-stop solution for all your hospitality needs. Our team has extensive experience in Hotel Operations, Pre Opening Advisory, Restaurant Management, Revenue Management and Villa Management.


Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

BSG Hospitality Consulting is a Boutique Consulting Firm for medium and large size hotels in India. We specialize in Pre Opening Advisory, Franchize Advisory, Third Party Hotel Management and Revenue Management Services


Boutique Consulting for Hotels

Our team has years of industry experience and is able to provide valuable recommendations and strategies to help your hotel succeed in today's competitive market.


As a Hotel Management Company, BSG Hospitality specialises in professionally managing hotels for hotel owners in exchange of pre determined Hotel Management Fees. BSG Hospitality focusses on managing hotels with high levels of efficiencies with the ultimate aim of creating a high brand value of the owners. This eventually results in increasing the asset value of the hotel property. We operate in professional framework that attracts the best talent and resources to help the hotel's business and brand. In the Hotel Management Contract framework, we will mutually prepare an agreement that will focus on maintaining a fine balance between smooth hotel operations, financial stability, healthy income generation and maximise profitability for the hotel and parties involved. The key benefit of a Hotel Management Agreement is that a vast portion on the profits go to the Hotel Owner.


BSG Hospitality's experience of opening multiple hotels is a valuable subject matter for our clients to leverage on. From choosing and ordering OSE to developing a hiring strategy; we provide you with the best advise to ensure your hotel opening is smooth and is light on your pocket as well. Here is the Scope of Work involved in a Pre-Opening Hotel Project: 1.Pre Opening Operational Support 2.Sales and Marketing 3.Revenue Management 4.Setting up of F&B 5.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Setup 6.Hotel Finance 7.Human Resources & Staffing 8.Hotel Management Training


BSG Hospitality Consulting will advise you about up-to-date Revenue Management practices that are not expensive and will help your hotel maximize revenue. We will also audit and optimize your distribution channels to help you reach customers that your sales team is unable to reach. You will benefit from our expertise in Multi Hotel and Multi Market Revenue Management experiences that our team has gained by working with international hotel chains like Accor, Marriot and Swissotel. Our extensive exposure to distribution support providers like RateTiger also gives us an edge as Revenue Management Consultants globally. You can also outsource your Revenue Management responsibilities to us. RGi1 takes care of Revenue Management functions for small and medium sized hotels. Visit to know more


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