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BSG Academy for Hotel Owners

BSG Hospitality addresses the ever growing Training needs for New and Existing Hotel Owners.

What we do

If you are a corporate professional with dreams of owning that dream Boutique Hotel, then you will be faced with the daunting task of understanding what it takes to run a hotel business profitably. It is easy to get that hotel and start your business, but running a hotel requires specific skills and knowledge which is best taken from experienced industry professionals. All this before taking the plunge.


If you feel stuck in your current hotel business and need help, BSG Academy for Hotel Owners, provides custom made trainings for new and existing hotel owners. 

We provide trainings specific to the below areas:

  • Hotel Pre-Opening

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Revenue Management and Distribution

  • F&B Setup and cost effectiveness

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Hotel Finance | Best Practices

  • Human Resources and Strategic Skill Based Hiring

  • Hotel Management Training | How to run your hotel efficiently and make it profitable

Through our journey of providing consulting services to hotel businesses, there was a growing demand for teaching Hotel Owners how to run their hotels. This applied also to prospective and new hotel owners who want to take a plunge in the exciting world of hospitality.

How we do it

Once we have your training needs, we provide our trainings via a combination of face to face on-site trainings and online sessions. The duration of the trainings can be from a minimum 1 month to six months which includes 10 days of face to face on-site sessions per month.

Contact us now to schedule your customised Hotel Management training.



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