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About the Founder

Since 1999; Bijoy Sengupta - Founder of BSG Hospitality, remains passionately involved in understanding the various facets of the hospitality industry. Bijoy brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in Hotel Management, Stakeholder Management, Hotel PreOpening, Revenue Management, Marketing and Distribution.


Bijoy's first hand working experience with reputed international brands like Accor, Marriott, FRHI and RateTiger gives him an enviable foundation in the business of Hotel Management, Hospitality Consulting and Advisory services


Bijoy has held over 25 roles in his two decades in the hotel industry and his last role was that of a General Manager of a luxury 5-Star hotel with the French hospitality major - Accor. Bijoy has successfully managed large hotel operations as a General Manager. His portfolio comprises of hotels with  inventory sizes of 450 rooms, 180 rooms, 150 rooms. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, Bijoy's focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with his owners and stakeholders.


BSG Hospitality will work with you to get your hotel business back on track, help create an enviable brand for your hotel and widen its distribution across the globe.


Do check Bijoy's profile on LinkedIn to know more:

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