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I agree that it is about a girl who loses any feelings because of a loss with reality and the video is brilliantly done, much as 1 would expect if someone made an," Alice in Wonderland Movie." But this girl has been so Jaded by Betrayal of the people she has loved and lost. She has changed her name to Jade. She sits at home by herself day after day, crying, waiting to her word on her children. She cries till she can no longer cry. No longer feel anything. She still awaits a call or any news on her children yet writes poetry of the 1 whom ' Jaded ' her. She is no longer afraid of him. People visit her, they see her face so dead pan. They try everything and anything to make her feel. To make her laugh or cry. They show her 1 of her wall hangings that she formerly embroidered with 2 little yellow duckies, written in embroidery the words, " Laughter Makes a House a Home, Laughter is Where The Heart Is." She doesn't respond. They try and make her angry by telling her she is too afraid of love to make her wall hanging a reality. As, the 1 who 'Jaded' her isn't 1 that she loved. She had been married to him for 14 years. She never loved him but at the beginning had respected him. They tell her she only married the guy when she was 15 for all that had happened to her previous to and that she did so, so she wouldn't have to love anyone. She just shrugs and tells them they are most likely correct. She goes for long walks from mid-night to dawn. On these long walks, she turns off her cell phone. It is mid spring of 1996. She sketches and continues to write her poetry at these hours, finding places no one will find her. Unafraid that any undesirables may find the spot and no one would no for a long while if she has gone missing. She doesn't care. She does to others what has been done to her. She doesn't seem to be living in the proper time period. She is only 32 but looks 17-18. Some find her frightening. They would say she is Gothic but at the same time colours abound like a Gypsy in her house. She does not follow any norms of any groups or categories. She has become a great mystery to them. They try to hurt her heart by phoning and saying her children have been found dead in a motor vehicle accident. She hangs up the phone. They go over to see what effect the call has had on her. They find her crocheting heavy cotton blankets. She says it's gonna be a cold winter and has to have 2 blankets done before then. They ask her why she would think that and why she would need to make 2. One yellow and one pink? She says she had a dream, then asks what day it is and then what month it is. She has kept submitting her sketches and poetry to the Poetry Guild. For every one, she has won $100.00. This is what she uses for spare money till she is ready to go back to work. Her family members blaming her for all that has gone wrong cannot understand her attitude. Her aunt passes away. An aunt she had 1 time been close too but now only says," Sigh! Well, I guess she won't suffer anymore." They have no clue what she is talking about. Her aunt never suffered. She did not go to the funeral. When asked why not, she simply reply's," Why for? I'll see her again sometime." It as if she doesn't comprehend her aunt is actually dead. They begin to see this as maybe she is suicidal. But watching her for so long shows she is not. Finally, her children phone her. Their father has been caught and sent back to the country with them. She wants to know who they are. They are hurt. She then goes back to work. She over works, working at 6 jobs. Pretending her life is not hers. Or so they think. She is not pretending. This life is not hers. She begins to go out socially a lot. At 1st her friends are pleased. But then notice that she has taken to drinking Tequila, Pure Absente( much stronger than Green Fairy Absente ) that a friend in another country keeps sending her, and home brews that other family members make. She drinks this all as if it were water. Yet they never see her drunk. They know Canadian booze is stronger than most other countries and wonder how she does it only being 5ft 2in and about 90-100 lbs. They know she has a heart condition, yet find her at parties lacing her MJ's with cocaine. They really worry. She is suffering a mental break down and none can figure that out. Her ex husband has it figured out though. And he is very afraid of her. The poetry of her's that her friends read from the Poetry Guild are found to be rather disturbing, but they still do not make the connection that her poems and her paintings, show and tell what is really on her mind. They never do. She has moved more times than she is old. And she is on the move again. Some try proposing to her. Others accuse her of being in love with them and running away because of, even though they know she loves no one. Not then. All of this just accelerates her moving away. She stays in touch with few, then none at all. They do not know how many of themselves have fallen in love with her. Because they cannot accept the emptiness in her eyes despite what she says she feels. It gives them the chills yet spurs them on to win her and make her feel. They still cannot conceive the fact that she is what her name is. None are strong enough to even make a crack in the Jade. None have a clue just how many of them there actually are. Men, women, both, makes no difference to her. When the time shared is over, she tells them all," Oh, before you leave, I need to remind you, don't mention this to anyone. " If they make a protest saying that they want people to know that they are part of her life, she just says," Oh yeah, not only don't mention this to anyone, but don't ever call here. If I need you, I'll be in touch ok?" She sounds so condescending. Grown men go home and cry. Some with women share their cry. They wonder what they did wrong. Next thing they all know is that once again she is gone. 1 or 2 only know where. Sometimes, none do. She is at work, she hears the new song on the radio by Aeorsmith. She smiles to herself. Visions of a real Alice in Wonderland run through her head. Only it is more like her own life. But the point is is that it made her smile. The song was called," Jaded." If she had to sum up her life, it could not have been written or especially sung to such perfection of her. She searches for videos of the group and song but to no avail. She finally finds one with Mila Kunis starring in it. She watches with mouth agape. It as if someone had invaded her head. Then at the end, when the starlet finds the opening hole in the forest much like Alice in Wonderland coming up from the rabbit hole, she realizes in a rush what she had become and that there were others that had to be the same for such a song to exist. For the 1st time since her children had gone missing for over 2 months, the whole time she had cried, then forgot who she was, she cries. The song, the video, has made her feel again. At 1st she feels empowerment with the feelings of amazement and freedom. But then soon the guilt takes over. What has she done? How will she ever repair the hole she made in her heart, of not remembering her children. How were they? Could this hole ever be filled? Would they understand? She had to give it her best shot. She moved back to where she had been that spring of 1996. To her relief, the rip is somewhat mended. But the people she had shared parts of her missing years with, begin calling. She doesn't recall but a couple. They mention hearing a song by Aeorsmith called Jaded and mention how it made them think of her every time they heard it, seen the video, the dawning finally hitting them like a sledge hammer. All, apologetic of not seeing what was really happening to her, all again, wanting to spend time with her. She sighs to herself. She really is Jaded. For she can't stand the attention. People trying to re-enter where they had left. Before she goes back to that way of life, again, she moves. None knowing where this time but for her daughter's and her best friend who had stuck behind every one of her decisions somewhat naively. But he loves her. He thinks she will grow to love him some day. She won't though. In many parts of her life, parts no one but her know of, she has not only had her name changed to Jade, not only was Jaded, but was in fact really Jade. The Jading still so much a part of her. Too much a part of her still. She still needs to hear or see the video of," Jaded by Aeorsmith." She still needs to hear it or see it when she truly wants to feel.


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