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Growing My Grandpa! Free Download ((INSTALL))

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Growing My Grandpa! Free Download

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Of all the things my grandpa taught me, this is the one that sticks the most. He liked people, showed a genuine interest in people, and as a result was able to create the kind of community that inadvertently saves time and money. For one thing, it helped him with his job (often it really does matter who you know), and it helped out when he eventually needed help with his yard (free labor due to networking and generous neighbors).

I saw firsthand what hard work and big dreams can accomplish. It would have been easy for me to be content and complacent because by the time I was born the hardest of work had been done for those businesses. My grandparents lived through the tough days of no money and little support for their big dreams. Papaw Phil and Mamaw Kay tell stories of having only the fish papaw caught in a day to feed their growing family. But, by the time I entered the world, through hard work and dedication, my family had achieved a level of success that they were proud of and we, the newest generation, were the beneficiaries.

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