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Where To Buy Purple Mascara

Purple is the color of glamor, elegance, confidence, charm, and fairytale magic! So go ahead and let your eyes speak for you with that swipe of purple on your lashes. If the purple mascara has caught your fancy enough, check out our carefully curated list given below. Our beauty experts have given it a lot of thought and picked out the best 8 options for you to get started.

where to buy purple mascara

Life becomes so much easier when we can find a mascara that can be applied with ease. This purple mascara from the brand Ibcccndc is smooth and creamy, allowing you to glide it onto your lashes for a long, thick, and volumizing look. The bright purple mascara adds a splash of color to your eyes and its waterproof formula makes it perfect for you to wear to the club or for a day out. The cream-based texture needs just one coat, easily coating your lashes fully while minimizing chances of flaking or drying.

Flaunt your lashes and get them dressed up in this fabulous purple mascara that will take your eye makeup look to the next level. Great for parties as well as a casual lunch, this bright purple waterproof mascara makes your lashes look thick and long, while its durable formula makes it last all day. It has a unique brush head which allows the purple toned mascara to double as an eyeliner as well! Formulated to coat each lash full and apply quickly, this is a great addition to your makeup bag.

Another great purple mascara that you can use to accent your eyes is this deep purple mascara that delivers volume and length to keep you feeling fabulous. This purple tubed mascara comes in a cutely packaged cat-themed tube and has a conically shaped fiber brush to lift and lengthen your lashes without any clumping. The formula is also flake-free, fade-proof, and waterproof, which keeps your purple eye makeup fresh and dazzling all day long.

The plethora of shades of violet mascara range from subtle lilac or lavender to bold violets and bright purples. Plum and burgundy are more neutral and can be good choices if you are still skeptical about stepping into this color world.

Bright purple shades complement light skin tone and blond hair, while a dusky complexion or dark hair looks gorgeous when paired with bright violets. For ebony skin tones and black hair try all the brighter shades.

If you like dramatic looks, pick a mascara with buildable color. This allows you to apply multiple coats without flaking or clumps. Look for a waterproof, moisture and oil-resistant formula that can withstand water, rain, sweat.

If purple mascara smudges, it makes the eyes look bruised. Look for a mascara that is lightweight and smooth textured so that there is not too much product which comes onto the wand. This will prevent excess deposits on the lashes and keep the mascara from smudging. Also a smudge-proof product will sit neatly on the lashes for long hours.

Think about whether you are looking for a mascara that adds volume to your lashes or if you are looking for one to add length. Different mascaras target different areas, and you can even find ones that give you both, so keep in mind what kind of strength you want your purple mascara to target. Then, choose your purple mascara based on the type of results it gives or buy various ones for various occasions!

Colored mascaras have been trending for a while now, and if you are looking to experiment with your eye makeup look, you must try out the best purple mascaras. Purple looks elegant and glamorous, and a good purple mascara will amp up your eye look to the next level. Whether you want fanned-out, dramatic lashes or subtle, feathery, and natural-looking lashes, you will easily achieve the look you desire with these mascaras. According to professional makeup artists, a hint of purple mascara on your lashes can be game-changing and create eye-catching looks. The reviewed options mentioned above in the curated list have a lightweight, waterproof, and sweat-proof formula. When choosing a purple mascara, consider the intensity, and ensure that the formula is waterproof. However, if your eyes dry out quicker, or you accidentally pull your lashes out during removal, we recommend you to go for washable formulas. We have mentioned waterproof, washable, volumizing, and lengthening mascaras in this list. You can pick your favorite based on your preference.

Chaitra Krishnan, the author here, is a beauty and makeup enthusiast, who loves experimenting with new looks and trends! Especially when it comes to eye makeup, she knows how to let your eyes do all the talking with simple variations each time! No wonder then that she brings you this specially curated list of purple mascaras to glam up your look instantly! After carefully going through several makeup and beauty forums and websites, she has chosen nothing short of the best for you to choose from! These purple mascaras come in different shades and formulations to suit all your needs and fancy!

Purple mascara is a new trend that has been growing in popularity among young women. Purple mascara is a style of applying false eyelashes that uses a different color for the band than for the lash itself. The purpose of this style is to create a more dramatic look by using a different color for the band than for the lash. Here are some great purple-colored mascaras available today.

Colored mascara is officially back. and we have evidence from celebrities like Lucy Boynton, Janelle Monàe, and Margot Robbie to prove it. Don't be intimidated by it this time around. Countless ways to incorporate it into your beauty routine exist. If you want to ease into the technicolor trend, layer a colored mascara over your favorite black mascara to add a fun tint to your lashes.

Once you're ready to dive into the look, some easy ways to try colored mascara include focusing your eye makeup with a swipe of bright purple or blue mascara on your top and bottom eyelashes. Alternatively, coat just your top or bottom lids with the vibrant hue of your choice. Take the trend even further by matching your eyeshadow, lipstick, or eyeliner to your colorful mascara for a monochromatic effect. We love drawing on a liner in a complementary color of our mascara, too.

We selected the best clump-free colorful mascaras that work on brown eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and every eye color in between. There are mascaras from the drugstore, Amazon, and Sephora to shop from too. Now that you know what to do with these mascaras, here are 9 of the best colored mascaras to create a bold makeup look with.

Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara comes in the standard black hue but we love the newest shade, Dream Pop. This brown mascara features carnauba and microcrystalline waxes that add body and length to your lashes.

You might already own and love the classic black version Voluminous Original Mascara from L'Oréal Paris, in which case you should treat yourself to this Cobalt Blue update. With one or two coats of this thickening, pigmented volumizing mascara, you'll draw all the attention in the room to your eyes.

If you haven't heard of K-beauty brand Hince yet, you're going to want to add it to your makeup roster, like, yesterday. While there's plenty to choose from, kick your journey off with the Hince Ambience Color Mascara, which is available in six colorful hues. Pictured here is the color Adore, a purple mascara that is waterproof and smudge-proof like all the other shades.

At first glance, this might look like lilac and blue dual-ended mascara, but it's actually not. Item Beauty's Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colored Mascara is a three-in-one product where the lilac side is actually a primer, to avoid any flaking, used before applying the blue hue. However, if you're into the color of the primer, you can totally wear it alone.

Consider this blue mascara your starter shade. You'll feel comfortable applying it because it touts the same formula and wand as the beloved Maybelline New York Great Lash. Upon first swipe, you'll notice that the true blue shade counteracts the redness of your eyes to make them look brighter and whiter.

With that said, why not delve into colored mascara? THE beauty trend that keeps making a comeback. With the release of our best-selling Lash Alert Mascara in four NEW shades, you can swap your traditional black mascara and add a twist with a pop of color to your look.

Were you blessed with baby blues? The best colored mascara for blue eyes is to stick with a rich, deep color. A purple mascara will not only emphasise the whites of your eyes but make them appear larger. This deep shade will give a subtle contrast of light and dark and add definition to your lashes.

Green eyes are a rarity, and only 2% of the population have green eyes. By using brown mascara, you will emphasise your rare eye color further. A soft brown mascara on your eyelashes will bring out the color of your irises without being too heavy or too dark.

If you have hazel eyes, then congratulations, you hit the eye color jackpot: every color will flatter your eyes. With a mixture of gold and green, emphasise your hazel eye color using Lash Alert Mascara in Green. This green mascara is dark enough to add definition to your eyelashes and add a sharp contrast to the whites of your eyes, really bringing out the mixture of golden tones that hazel eyes have.

To build your look, use our Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1; the soft tones in this palette will let your green mascara do all the talking. To mix up your look, apply our original black Lash Alert Mascara to your lower lashes and Lash Alert Mascara in Green to your top lashes to create a two-toned eye look.

Another stylish way to not give up your traditional black mascara is to try the bold bottom lashes trend (AKA inverse two-tone lashes). This look is all about flaunting color on your bottom lashes so your eyes stand out. Layer your upper fringe with black mascara and coat your bottom lashes with the purple shade. 041b061a72


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