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[S2E6] It's Going To Be Okay

Emily: Thank you for meeting me.EZ: SureEmily: Oh, no, I'm okay.EZ: You're always shivering. You okay? That was rough today.Emily: It was my fault. Miguel was right. It was a mistake to go to him. EZ: Seemed pretty urgent.Emily: That's why I wanted to see you. I know I have no right to ask you this. EZ: Ask me what? Emily: I need your help, EZ. I need a favor. EZ: Okay. Emily: This Agra Park project that Miguel and I are working on. There's a bidding process that we should've won, but our Chinese competitor, they bribed a clerk in city planning. They got inside information so they edged us out. I need -- fuck, I'm so sorry. EZ: Just ask me, Em. Emily: I need this to work, EZ. I need something to work. This project's all I have right now, and this asshole just undermined everything. EZ: This what you're gonna tell Galindo?Emily: Yes. That's why its a mistake to go to him. I can't tell Miguel. EZ: Why? What's he gonna say?Emily: It's not what he's gonna say. It's what he'll do. I just need to keep the other world out of this.EZ: And what world am I in? Emily: Hopefully, mine. EZ: How'd you find out about the bribe?Emily: A friend in city planning. She got suspicious. I just need somebody to talk to him. Tell him he has been found out; that we'll call the police. We'll check his phone, his email records. We just give him a chance to tell the truth. No charges. He walks away. EZ: And if he doesn't? Emily: Well, he's got to. He's just a clerk, EZ. He's not gonna risk going to jail. EZ: I'll try. Emily: It has to be done by tomorrow night.

[S2E6] It's Going to be Okay

Absolutely. And we also had , um, grant funding to just provide opportunities outside of Metro Atlanta that the rural schools might not have ever had the opportunity to participate in. We also had grants to, you know, nutrition is a big piece and being creative with your menus and being cost effective with them. So the , we had grants to help. Um , we started a program called young chefs academy, which is still going on there now just transitioned differently. And now it's in the food program sponsorship. And so that you can help programs to be more cost effective , have great food choices, fresh fruits, fish , vegetables, and it is still cost effective to do so.

And they both come back and coach teachers for me in the afternoon. So that is something that helps me because then I can be doing something different and our team can be doing something different. Um, and so I'm rebuilding new team members and still am in the process of adding a couple more. But you have to be willing to stack the deck, always looking for like at that great sports team that has strength on the bench. You always want strength on the bench. And we actually have teachers choose us over another program because of the way we lead. And I had questions yesterday of, well, Lisa, let's say that something traumatic didn't happen to us. Yes. I'm glad it hear that. Right . Um , how do we do this? How do we get started doing this? And it is number one, the first thing is letting go of control. If I wanted to control, then I would wanna bring back one other like, oh , just let me bring on one assistant director. But that would just cause that silo again. Instead of we have lots of good , um , processes. So, you know, we , um, have consistent meetings every Monday with our leadership team to talk about what were our challenges last week? You know, what do , what do we wanna do this week? What are we looking for? What's coming up. Um, we take that time to do, do training. Since I am a trainer for Georgia, we, we, if it's communication, we may do a communication quiz and then talk about what we're gonna do with this information, how we're gonna use it going forward. How are we gonna use it to benefit the team? How are we gonna use it to benefit the teachers? Um, we have a , a big dry race board in the office. And that is one communication tool that where we put, you know, all the staff that's requested off here, they are in their days, anything that's upcoming in the center, whether it's a fire inspection or, you know, they're even so good now they handle the fire marshal for me, when the fire marsh comes through on visits, it's like, yes, you take care of that. Exactly . Um , and we put any new enrollments on there, anybody that has medication, any of those little hot points for us. And then at the front desk, we have a binder, that's a communication log. So any instantaneous things I call this parent because this child had a fever. You know, I call this parent because this child had no change of clothes or, you know, this staff person's gonna be laid this person. So we have centralized to go and get all of the information and we all have the same information. Um, and just given consistent feedback, consistent communication, consistent meetings, and consistent feedback. So then we're all on the same page.

I love you all just the same. And so it , when you keep it professional, like we've talked a lot about professionalizing, our feel , you don't go to your doctor's house for dinner. You don't go to your doctor's house for birthday parties. You don't go to, you know, the nurses have the dentist, you don't go. That's a professional relationship. You go, they have great customer service. You have a great time. They take good care of you and it's fashion . So I groom my team in that way. This is not about how much I care about you as a person. This is about leapfrog academies. And this is about providing the best service for the families and what that takes to do that. And when that is our focus and our central goal, it doesn't become about people because we have favorites and it becomes personal and it's about people and it is about people in the sense that we're providing customer service. Mm-hmm , but we're not, it's not about going to their house and being their friend. And it's about taking care of the children.

Scott follows it to the Jungle, a gay bar. Stiles sneaks up behind him. Scott claims to not know where the kanima went, because it doesn't have a scent. He says it's going to kill someone, and Stiles replies, "Ah, that explains the claws and the fangs and all that. Good. Makes perfect sense now." Scott gives him a look, and he replies, "I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is only defense." They talk about whether they're sure that it's Jackson. Stiles asks how Jackson passed Derek's test and then surmises that maybe it's either or. "When's the kanima not the kanima?" "When it's Jackson."

The clock slowly ticks toward 4pm (an error because school ends at 3pm). As English ends, Victoria asks Allison why she's been calling Stiles. Allison tells her that if she's going to keep an eye on Lydia then she's going to have to talk to Stiles since he's had a crush on her since 3rd grade. Victoria tells Allison that she knows it's hard to be in class with Scott trying not to look at him but to focus on how strong it will make her, especially compared to the other girls who spend their whole high school career focused on whether a boy will take them to senior prom. "Can't I be strong and go to prom?" Allison asks. Victoria laughs and tells her yes, just with someone else. "Remember, so long as you stay strong, we won't have to kill a 16-year-old boy." Allison is sure her mother is terrifying and twisted and rushes to get away from her.

Stiles is sending another text from Jackson's phone when Allison sneaks up on him. She tells him that everyone knows Jackson is missing. Stiles claims he's been texting them since last night, but Allison assures him that Jackson's parents went to the police. Stiles holds the cell phone like it's going to burn his hands and tries to give it to Allison, because he knows now that it will be traced. He then turns on the radio inside the truck and hears that all available units are being sent to the preserve. Stiles makes a call from the phone and tosses it out the window and then drives the transport van elsewhere.

Sadly, it doesn't... because it's weirdly tacked onto the end of the episode and throughout the season, we haven't spent enough time with any of the women at Silk 41 to care much about what happens to them. If this plot point were coupled with haunting, beautiful cinematography and light dialogue, I might have been okay with its vagueness. The idea could have been presented as just another one of Puss's many manipulations, but its blunt presentation makes the confusion more apparent. 041b061a72


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