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Leonid Kulagin
Leonid Kulagin

The Suspicious Duo Full [PORTABLE] Movie Download In Italian

As I don't have access to speak directly with others, I'm trying to supplement my learning with other resources. Coffee Break Italian is a good podcast that explains a lot of what Duolingo doesn't. Slow News in Italian and Italian movies will hopefully help my listening comprehension.

The Suspicious Duo Full Movie Download In Italian

Zagga Entertainment, a Canadian-based startup, hopes to provide audio-described content complete with video so that blind individuals can watch movies and television shows with their sighted friends and family. The service is still in beta, and does not yet offer well-known movies and television programs. Kevin Shaw, the company's founder and president says that this content will be available when the service is officially launched later this year. A premium membership to the service will allow you to access all available content, and will cost $9.99 per month. It is currently possible to try the service free for 30 days. Zagga Entertainment promises to release fully accessible iOS and Android apps for its service, as well as providing a fully accessible web experience.


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