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Guide To Bet Parlay Betting For Newplayer

If you're passionate about football betting, you've likely heard of parlay betting. However, many gamers still aren't clear on what parlay betting is and how it works effectively. Let's delve deeper into this victory betting tips with Wintips!

Overview of Parlay Betting

If you're interested in investing in parlay bets, it's essential to understand what parlay betting is and how the odds are classified:

Explaining the Term "Parlay Betting"

Parlay betting is a commonly used term in sports betting, favored by many enthusiasts. Successfully locking in this type of bet isn't easy, hence only experienced gamers feel confident in this form of betting. Besides, parlay betting is also known by names such as combo betting, accumulator betting, or multiples.

Before deciding to invest, gamers need to understand what parlay betting entails, as it involves combining multiple types of bets. In simple terms, it's like placing multiple single bets within a parlay bet.

How is Parlay Betting Classified?

Parlay betting is divided into various types, such as two-leg parlays, three-leg parlays, four-leg parlays, and so on. Among them, two-leg parlays represent the lowest number of legs in each bet. Specific rules will be set by each platform for each game. For instance, if gamers choose to invest in a four-leg parlay with odds set at 2.0, they'll calculate the odds as 4 x 2. This method presents a significant winning opportunity for gamers.

Highly Accurate Parlay Betting Formula

If you already understand what parlay betting is, it's time to learn the formula for calculating these bets. For novices, this method may seem complex. Let's break down the formula shared as follows:

Formula for Calculating Parlay Betting in Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting is currently one of the most popular betting formats. You can calculate parlay bets in Asian handicap as follows:

Parlay Betting Formula = Odds of Bet 1 x Odds of Bet 3 x Odds of Bet 4... X Odds of Bet N.

For example, if you invest 500,000 VND into a bet:

France national team has odds of 1.80.

US national team has odds of 1.50.

Argentina national team has odds of 1.50.

In this case, you can calculate the winning odds as follows: 1.80 x 1.50 x 1.66 = 4.482. If all three teams win, the gamer will receive a bonus of: 500 x 4.482 = 2241. However, if any of the three teams lose, you'll lose the entire bet.

Calculating Parlay Betting in Over/Under and Asian Handicap

Over/under and Asian handicap bets are widely used in reputable bookmakers today. Moreover, they are relatively easy to win. Therefore, gamers need to understand the formula for calculating parlay bets based on these two types of bets:

In the event of a winning parlay bet: Odds of Bet 1 x Odds of Bet 2 x ... X Odds of Bet N.

If the parlay bet has odds of 0.5, it will be equal to (odds - 1) / 2 = 1.

In the case of a losing parlay bet with 0.5: Divide the total odds by 2.

In a draw, it will be equal to (odds x 1).

If there are four bets in a single game, calculate it as follows: Odds of Winning Bet x (1 + (odds of winning bet 0.5 - 1) / 2 x 1 / 2 (odds of losing bet 0.5) x 1 x (odds of draw) x ... X Odds of Bet N).

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Tips for Playing Parlay Betting in Football Betting Extremely Effectively

If you want to win bets, of course, you need to understand what parlay betting is. The next step is to master the calculation formula and the following notes:

Players should not combine multiple bets in the same match.

Master the rules, terms of use of every parlay bet in football betting at bookmakers.

Depending on different playing fields, you will receive a separate refund amount. Because you will receive back the parlay bet amount if there is a winning bet.

In the case where the parlay is in progress but the score is wrong, the bet is canceled, or the game is postponed, that match will be excluded. However, the parlay betting odds will still be compared for the remaining bets.

Gamers need to have a calm and alert mindset to make the most accurate predictions.

Enhance and diversify knowledge continuously. Even though it's just a recreational game, if you want to win, you need to have a meticulous understanding of the game, must be well-versed in reality. Overall, you need knowledge to be able to choose the bookmaker with the highest odds.

You need a detailed understanding of how to place bets, when starting a parlay, it's best to combine with the odds you've researched to seize the opportunity for high winning chances. You should frequently learn from previous players, regularly follow the odds, so the accuracy of predictions will be higher.

Playing one match parlay, high winning odds.

When playing parlay betting, it's not easy to win because it involves selecting various bets. Therefore, once you've decided to play parlay betting, you need to focus intensely on that match. You should limit greed by analyzing too many matches and then facing disastrous outcomes.


So now you know what parlay betting is and how to calculate it. This investment method daily betting tips app is very attractive yet simple, so you shouldn't overlook it. Because you will quickly change your luck and experience the great feeling of winning bets. Register now at reputable bookmakers to participate in watching live matches and increase your income through football betting.


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