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Leonid Kulagin

[S4E5] Reintegration

The fourth season received generally positive reviews by television critics. Despite its low ratings, viewership was more stable than the previous season which saw a 2.5 million viewership drop from its premiere to the finale. The season premiered with 3.48 million viewers and concluded with 3.11 million viewers. Reviewers reacted well to the reintegration of Jackson's character in the alternate timeline, the return of David Robert Jones (portrayed by Harris), and the performances of Torv and Noble, who each played differing versions of their original characters. Criticisms toward the season were pacing issues in its first-half, unanswered questions regarding strong similarities in established history despite Peter's absence, and lack of answers. The series was renewed for a reduced thirteen-episode fifth and final season on April 26, 2012.

[S4E5] Reintegration




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