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Leonid Kulagin
Leonid Kulagin

Lal Salaam Hindi Book Download ((FULL)) Free

'Thinkest thou? The books of my lamassery I read, and theywere dried pith; and the later ritual with which we of theReformed Law have cumbered ourselves - that, too, had no worth tothese old eyes. Even the followers of the Excellent One are at feudon feud with one another. It is all illusion. Ay, maya,illusion. But I have another desire' - the seamed yellow face drewwithin three inches of the Curator, and the long forefinger-nailtapped on the table. 'Your scholars, by these books, have followedthe Blessed Feet in all their wanderings; but there are thingswhich they have not sought out. I know nothing - nothing do I know- but I go to free myself from the Wheel of Things by a broadand open road.' He smiled with most simple triumph. 'As a pilgrimto the Holy Places I acquire merit. But there is more. Listen toa true thing. When our gracious Lord, being as yet a youth,sought a mate, men said, in His father's Court, that He was tootender for marriage. Thou knobbiest?'

Lal Salaam hindi book download free

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