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Where To Buy Formulary 55

What is your idea of relaxing?Getting away from work! We love to travel and pretty much always have a few trips planned on the horizon. In December, we are headed to Seattle to visit friends and family (that is where we are from) then in January, we are planning a trip to Iceland (I love the Blue Lagoon).

where to buy formulary 55

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We were smitten with Formulary 55 at first glance. A line of bath and body products where each product is interesting and elevated above the typical. Everything smells amazing, of course, and the striking botanical-inspired design and packaging is the icing on the cake. We can't get enough! Check out our boxes that include Formulary 55 products here.

SHIPPING: Our normal order processing time is 2 business days. During holidays and sales this can be extended up to 5 business days. We do not process orders on Saturdays or Sundays. Please email prior to placing your order that contains special shipping instructions as we might not be able to catch any errors after the order has been placed.

Once you choose a reward, the points will be immediately deducted and cannot be added back to your account (unless you contact us at but all rewards will be saved in your account and can be redeemed at a future date.

Founded in 2012 in Seatlle, Washington, Formulary 55, or Cordelia J. & Co., is now headquartered in southern Colorado, where the team makes their all-natural bath and body products in house. Founders Cordelia and Anthony created this line of hand and body creams and bar soaps using sustainable, nourishing ingredients like RSPO-certiifed palm and shea butters as well as fragrant essential oils. Each fragrance is a blend of botanicals for a unique scent that is always bright, never cloying. The Formulary 55 hand and body creme is incredibly hydrating shea butter, healing aloe, and nourishing vitamin E. Each bar soap is gently cleansing and ultra hydrating, with coconut oil and glycerin as the base. Formulary 55 products are cruelty free, paraben free, and 100% vegan, so you can be sure these natural body lotions and bar soaps are wholesomely healthy for you, your skin, and the environment.

If No One is Home: Depending on the delivery location, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the delivery person may leave the gift in a safe and shaded place for the recipient to retrieve when they return and leave a message for the recipient letting them know where they have a surprise waiting for them, or if it is too hot or not safe to leave we will leave a message for the recipient to call us to arrange for a re-delivery. 041b061a72


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